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Garage Lighting in London


Garages are used these days for many purposes.  For some it’s a place to keep cars and motorbikes safe, for others it’s a workshop to pursue hobbies, while for many it’s a place for additional storage. 

Whatever it’s used for it’s important to get the right garage lighting. East Finchley experts EF Electrical offer intelligent garage lighting solutions to suit all garages.

For the best choice of garage lighting in London call EF Electrical on 020 8444 5630 or get in touch online.

Garage lighting can really make a difference. Imagine arriving home on a dark night, or venturing out on a gloomy morning where once you were unable to see your way around. Now with the flick of a switch – or even a remote switch – everything is enlightened. So much safer and far more convenient.

If you use your garage for any sort of work, you’ll know the importance of getting the right garage lighting. North London homeowners recommend us highly for transforming their garages with the right lighting.

North London garage lighting by EF Electrical includes:

  • A detailed site survey to understand the exact needs for lighting the garage
  • All work completed by our Trustmark registered electricians
  • All the latest in lighting technology including remote switching and energy efficient lighting
  • Intelligent lighting design to help you get the most out of your garage

It’s relatively simple to run power to a garage and at the same time we’re installing lighting, we can also give you power sockets if you wish, for the ultimate in convenience. Installing power to your garage means you can operate power tools, a lawn mower and even appliances such as a tumble dryer or chest freezer.

Need Garage Lighting? North London Based?

EF Electrical are based in East Finchley which is where you can also find our popular electrical shop, with a wide range of lighting, that is open to the public from Monday to Saturday.  We offer garage lighting Holloway and London wide, including the areas of Hampstead Heath and Finsbury Park.

Call EF Electrical on 020 8444 5630 or contact us online today to book your free garage lighting survey.

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