Constructionline Approved Contractors

Are you looking for qualified and experienced contractors? Are you certain that all your contractors are compliant with Health and Safety legislation? 

If you’re in any doubt then you could be putting your business at risk by using unqualified contractors whose working practice may be dangerous to your staff and clients.  Choosing contractors who are accredited by government approved bodies is a safe way of knowing you’ve hired reputable tradespeople.

EF Electrical are accredited to many industry bodies and we believe it’s our client’s way of knowing that we are competent and able to complete the job.  Among the many industry bodies and schemes we’re accredited to is Constructionline. Constructionline is an online database that helps in the search for suitable, qualified and pre-vetted contractors.   

The Searchable Database that Gives Real Results

Constructionline is a UK government certification service with a database of over 19,000 suppliers. All companies that are on Constructionline’s database have been independently assessed to ensure they are qualified, fit to complete work and compliant with the government’s Health and Safety legislations. Constructionline has just undergone a £1M upgrade to make it a safe and trustworthy way of finding people to do business with. 

The benefits of using Constructionline include:

  • A searchable database of over 19,000 approved suppliers
  • Over 1,000 work categories
  • Supplier details kept up to date
  • Endorsement by the Office of Government Commerce, the Welsh Assembly, the Northern Ireland Executive and  the Scottish Executive
  • Real savings in time and money when sourcing suitable suppliers
  • Access to suppliers who are pre-qualified to work
  • A good mix of large companies and small businesses

EF Electrical: Proud to be Constructionline Endorsed

EF Electrical is a Constructionline approved electrical contractor with over 40 years’ experience in the domestic, industrial and commercial sectors. To achieve Constructionline accreditation our company has been independently monitored and assessed and deemed as pre-qualified to undertake all types of electrical work.  

Registration Number: 71545