Electric Boilers
Electric Boilers

Author: Dino Loizou, Date: 29-11-2012

Electric Boilers: Cost Effective Home Heating

With energy costs rising, every homeowner is looking to save money on the cost of their heating wherever possible.  One way of heating your home efficiently and in a more cost effective manner is to install an electric boiler. As well as having many other advantages, one of the biggest assets of the electric boiler is its efficiency in heating the home, and the lower running costs associated with this.  Here’s why they make such a cost effective choice:

No Flue Required

As electric boilers do not require a flue, none of the heat generated by the boiler will escape up the chimney.  Apart from the obvious benefit of lower installation costs, this is a great improvement on boilers fuelled by other means, such as gas, oil or pellet systems, as heat escapes from these up the flue.  In fact, it makes electric boilers nearly 100% efficient – and in simple terms, all of that precious heat you’re paying for stays in your home, rather than escaping into the air outside.

Choose whether to power your central heating, hot water or both!

Many electric boilers allow you the choice of whether the boiler provides the central heating in your home, or heats the hot water too.  This way, savings can be made, as the boiler is only running the function you require it to.

Modulating Boilers

Electric boilers are not only easy to control, allowing you to maximise how you heat your home, but are often modulating. This means that a modulating electric boiler can modulate down from its maximum capacity to use only the amount of energy needed.  For example, a 15kw boiler can modulate down to as low as 3kw, allowing for both electricity consumption and running costs to be controlled throughout the heating cycle.

Special Electricity Tariffs

For ultimate energy savings, electric boiler and electric central heating systems can often be run on off-peak electricity tariffs offered by the electricity suppliers, such as the economy 10 tariff for electric flow boilers, or the economy 2000 tariff for electric combi boilers. 

These special tariffs mean that your heating bills will be reduced; for example, an economy 10 tariff will typically give 10 hours of reduced electricity within a 24 hour period.  What’s more, some electric boilers and electric central heating systems can be fitted with a peak time control, to help you make the most of these tariffs. A qualified electrician or your electricity provider will be able to offer more information on whether these tariffs would work in your home, and the benefits of an electric boiler in terms of cost-efficiency.