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Date: 22-05-2018


Mill Hill County Work Experience

Date: 29-08-2016

East Finchley Electrical is a friendly and family run business and so we care about our local community and that includes schools. Education is an important factor in life and here at East finchley Electrical we support Secondary schools by giving students an insight of real life application of their course as well as the the adult world of work  and responsibilities  More...

Contract Won

Author: dino loizou, Date: 17-09-2014

MP Build Ltd - YMCA Watford- New Dance Studio Value £20k  More...

Contract Won

Author: dino loizou, Date: 17-09-2014

Abacus Building - Londra Galleria Tornabooini, Albemarle Street, London, WC1 Value: £25k  More...

Dimplex Heating

Author: dino loizou, Date: 16-09-2014

For all the latest on Dimplex new heaters, contact us.  If you need an installation designed, or just some advise we can help  More...