EICs Explained

Author: Karen Nicholls, Date: 15-02-2013

Minor electrical work in the home such as new electrical wiring, a new fuse box, electrical updates or replacements must be checked and issued with an Electrical Installation Works Certificate (EIC) for your own peace of mind, and as a requirement of your mortgage lender and home insurance provider.  More...


Residual Current Devices

Author: Karen Nicholls, Date: 13-01-2013

An RCD is a circuit breaker that will disconnect an electrical current if it detects that it is not regular or balanced with the energised and neutral conductors. You might know an RCD as a ‘trip switch’. They are important to detect abnormal currents or leakages that could be dangerous.  More...


Energy Efficient Lighting

Author: Dino Loizou, Date: 21-11-2012

Lighting is one of the biggest consumers of energy and contributes to large electricity bills and our carbon footprint. There are, however, energy efficient lighting systems that can be installed to help reduce electricity bills and help the environment at the same time.  More...


Electric Central Heating

Author: Dino Loizou, Date: 28-11-2012

Modern electric central heating is an efficient and clean way of heating your home, but is it right for you and your family? Here we answer five of the most frequently asked questions to help you decide for yourself.  More...


Electric Boilers

Author: Dino Loizou, Date: 29-11-2012

With energy costs rising, every homeowner is looking to save money on the cost of their heating wherever possible. One way of heating your home efficiently and in a more cost effective manner is to install an electric boiler.  More...