ISO9001 Certification

Author: Dino Loizou, Date: 24-11-2012

ISO9001 is a standard issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the world’s largest voluntary international standards organisation. They ensure good practice and that services and products are of the same high standard throughout the world.  More...


Part P Electrical Safety

Author: Karen Nicholls, Date: 25-11-2012

Choosing the right electrician can be difficult, choosing the wrong one can be downright dangerous. Part P electricians, such as London-serving EF Electrical, are the safe bet for ensuring an electrical job is completed professionally and adheres to crucial Health and Safety legislation.  More...



Author: Dino Loizou, Date: 26-11-2012

NICEIC is the leading UK electrical industry’s voluntary independent body that constantly sets and monitors standards, and has been doing so for over 50 years. They are, in short, a guarantee of a reputable electrician who adheres to industry standards and Health and Safety guidelines at all times.  More...


Safe Contractor

Author: Karen Nicholls, Date: 27-11-2012

Safe Contractor is the leading health and safety assessment scheme recognised across the UK. It is a pre-qualification assessment that checks for high standards of competence and compliance with Health and Safety legislation.  More...


Electric Central Heating

Author: Dino Loizou, Date: 28-11-2012

Modern electric central heating is an efficient and clean way of heating your home, but is it right for you and your family? Here we answer five of the most frequently asked questions to help you decide for yourself.  More...