Remote Switching

Remote Switching London


Remote switching allows you to control electrical installations from another room or even from outside. It is an excellent security measure for homes and businesses.

This clever advance in electrical technology is becoming very popular around London.  Remote switching can support safety and security by allowing lights to be turned on or off remotely and is invaluable for those with mobility difficulties, the elderly or those who are bedbound.

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Are you looking to control your home’s electrics from one central port? Perhaps you’d like to help an elderly or immobile relative have some independence in their home by allowing them to control their lighting from their chair or bed? Or maybe you’d like the peace of mind of being able to turn lights on from wherever you are in the home should a security issue arise?

Remote switching allows all of this and the NICEIC registered electricians here at EF Electrical can design and install a system that works just as you need it.

Based in London? Remote switching offers the following benefits:

  • Switch lights on or off from one central point
  • Control lighting or appliances such as a TV or lamp from the comfort of your bed or chair
  • Turn outside lights on from inside your property should you suspect an issue
  • Turn lights on in advance of arriving home

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